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Our practice provides high quality confidential Mental Health Care for Adults, Children and Adolescents. We provide treatment and support services to those with  severe mental illness or substance abuse problems. We are dedicated to improving your health and well being. Our psychiatrists provide assessments and ongoing treatment when medications are indicated. Our clinicians also recognize that each individual has unique recovery needs and therefore we offer several levels of care, including Individual therapy, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization.


  1. My name is Sharon Foye, I’m seeking help for my mentally ill child, he have anger problems, bipolar, behavior problems, he is 14 yrs old and really needs help. He don’t like to take his meds when told too. he sometimes throws it away… I feel that he needs to be hospitalized.. I done had him evaluated… Don’t know what else to do..

  2. I live in Raleigh NC I have a 6 year old daughter who has terrible anger problems, behavioral, ADD, its has gotten worse now violent towards me and uncontrollable. I would like her evaluated. Please help.

  3. I just made an appointment for next week and the lady I spoke with said y’all don’t accept Medicare however on your website it says you do accept medicare. Do you accept medicare .?

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