Dr. Ijaz Rasul, MD

Psychiatrist in Piedmont Behavioral ServicesDr  Ijaz Rasul is a Child, Adolescent and Adult board certified Psychiatrist. He is also the Medical Director at Piedmont Behavioral Services. Over the years he has worked in different capacities ranging from clinical, research, and administrative capacities. His medical background includes Medical Education at The University of Kansas School of Medicine. He worked in clinical research at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and The New York State Psychiatric Institute in brain imaging and Magnetic brain Stimulation. After completing his Adult Psychiatry Residency at University of Mississippi Medical Center and Wake Forest University Medical Center, he completed Child and Adolescent Fellowship at Wake Forest University Medical Center.

Dr. Rasul's expertise focuses on the evaluation of psychopharmacological and psychosocial treatments for the major psychiatric disorders of childhood, development and progression of these disorders from children to adults. His other areas of interest include integration of pharmacological and therapy treatment approaches and whether there are environmental/behavioral factors that may function to sustain or enhance clinical impairment.