Melissa Lloyd, MSW

Psychiatrist in Piedmont Behavioral ServicesI am a Clinical Social Worker and have been providing therapy to various client populations in several different settings for the last 10 years.  I have assisted clients in overcoming many obstacles and issues, including: mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and trauma; domestic violence; as well as relationship problems. I work with individuals and families. My approach is client-centered/client-directed; strengths-based; outcome-informed, feedback-informed, and trauma-informed; as well as solution-focused. I am continuing professional development through training.

I treat "the whole person," and take an integrated approach. I am very mindful of outcomes and elicit feedback from clients at the beginning and end of every session in regards to their progress in different life areas, and their satisfaction with the therapy services being provided.

Melissa graduated from the State University of Buffalo with her Master’s in Social Work. Melissa also had experience for working in inpatient acute hospitalization in Raleigh area. Melissa enjoys her self-care time cooking, puzzling, coloring and Zumba.