Dr. Aqsa Salman, LPCA

Aqsa Salman, LPCA

Aqsa Salman earned her medical degree before finishing her masters in clinical counseling in 2015 from Bellevue University. Aqsa has gained a valuable experience working with children, adolescents & adults in a variety of settings.

During her graduate and medical school training, Aqsa worked within a Day Treatment facility serving children & adolescents with diverse mental health conditions. She has gained experience providing clinical assessments, individual & group therapy services. Her approach includes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. She helps children, adolescents & adults coping with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and grief and behavioral issues associated with chronic physical health problems.

Currently Aqsa is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University. Her Doctoral Degree is focused on behavioral problems associated with chronic physical health issues, such as chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc. Aqsa is passionate about working to empower individuals and help them to identifying their inner strengths, in order to bring positive change.